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Salesforce.com Customization

Still new to Salesforce? Or perhaps you like to revamp your Salesforce
organization? We can help you with the following:

Building reports and dashboard

Creating new objects and fields

Automating business processes

Creating approval processes

Creating data models

Setting up of profiles and roles

Implementing security best practices

Creating portals for partners and customers

Promoting collaboration through Chatter

Building custom applications

Application Development

Salesforce allows customization via Force.com, which helps broaden the use and integration to other technologies with Salesforce. We can help your business by developing customized applications that are specific to your business needs.

Creating Apex Triggers

Creating Visualforce Pages

Creating Force.com applications

Data Management and Integration

We know that data is crucial for businesses and time consuming to maintain. We can help your business by providing the following data management support

Data migration from other systems
into Salesforce

Data cleaning by merging duplicate records

Data archiving via Analytic Snapshot
Creation of data validation rules to enforce
data integrity

Administration Support

Maintaining a Salesforce organization may take away valuable time from focusing on your customers. We will be able to help you with maintaining your Salesforce organization to make sure that your operations run smoothly. Get us as a retainer for a fixed amount of hours per month and we will take care of the following administration tasks for your company

Troubleshooting of issues encountered

Customization of objects

Creation of users

Creation of reports and dashboards

Automation of business processes
Any other issues that may arise
which can be addressed by configuration

Development Support

Dynamic businesses may need dynamic solutions and applications developed to support business needs. Get us as a retainer for a fixed amount of hours per month and we will take care of all your development and customization needs.