Hiding the Salesforce Logout Branding in Force.com Sites

In the Salesforce Summer 2011 release, a new Salesforce branded page was introduced that shows up whenever the user logs out or when redirected to /secur/logout.jsp. Some companies that use the Force.com Sites doesn't necessarily want to show that they are using Salseforce so here is a trick that you can implement to hide the branding while still being able to logout properly. 1. Build a new page called myLogOut and add the following VisualForce code into the page:

    Logging out...

The code loads the branded logout page hidden in the background for 5 seconds before being redirected to the login page. This ensures that the page has been loaded properly and

2. Change all references to the logout URL from redirecting to /secur/logout.jsp into $Page.myLogOut

This should fix any branding issues that you might encounter