Tips and Tricks: Unable to Process Request Error When Editing a User


You might receive this “Unable to Process Request” error message whenever you attempt to edit a user’s information under Name | Setup | Manage Users | Users. The error may appear regardless of the information you’re trying to edit, and this could potentially impact your business.

The truth is, this “Unable to Process Request” issue has already been listed as a Bug, and Salesforce’s R&D Team are already working on it in order to provide a permanent fix to the issue.

While they can’t provide a permanent fix yet to the issue, there is a workaround available in order enable you to edit and save your user’s updated information. The workaround is to disable the Feed Tracking of Address Field on User Object.

Here are the needed steps:

  1. Click Setup | Customize | Chatter | Feed Tracking
  2. Click User
  3. Uncheck Address
  4. Click Save

This workaround can temporarily be considered while there is no permanent fix yet.

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