Single Email Limit

SINGLE_EMAIL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED If you've reached this page because you've encountered one of the governor limits imposed by Salesforce, this post will describe some of the reasons why you've reached the limit. One reason why we have this limit is because Salesforce wants to avoid having users use Salesforce as a marketing tool. If you try to ask Support to increase the limit, they can only do so temporarily.

What COUNTS towards the limit

  • Mass Emails to Contacts
  • Mass Email to Leads
  • Emails send via the API to email addresses
  • Emails send via the API to contacts (Both single and mass emails)
  • Emails send via API to Leads (both Single & Mass Emails)

What DOES NOT COUNT towards the limit

  • Mass emails to Users
  • Emails via API to User ID’s
  • Emails send from the “Send Email” button on contacts (single emails/email author)
  • Emails send from the “Send Email” button on Leads (single emails/email author)

The TO and CC will both count if the recipients are external email addresses. If you send a mass email to 1,000 external recipients, that will use up the email limit in the same way as 100 emails to 10 external recipients.

Mass emails also have limits on the number of recipients you can specify through one mass email call:

  • Professional = 250
  • Enterprise = 500
  • Unlimited = 1000

Also, emails sent with workflow triggers to not count against your email limit, even if sent to a contact or lead. The drawback is that the workflow-generated emails do not create activities associated with the recipient. Also, this is monitored somewhat. If "abused" (and abused is undefined), you could get a response from

The other BIG problem is that does not expose your daily count of emails. You just a message that you exceeded the limit at some point. If the count were exposed, you would know when to stop.

Source: Bob Buzzard from the DeveloperForce forum and David Claiborne from the Certified Professionals LinkedIn Group