Salesforce Spring 14 is Coming!


In order to provide customer satisfaction, Salesforce continuously provide quarterly releases in order to introduce new features and functionality depending on the needs and demands of their customers. Spring 14 release is scheduled to start on February 7, 2014. In order to maximize the new features and to prevent potential data issues, it is important to be prepared and familiarized with the latest Salesforce release.

Sandbox Preview

If you have refreshed your Sandbox before January 3, 2014, then you would have the chance to maximize the Sandbox Preview instance in order for you to test new Salesforce features. It would also prevent your organization from potential data loss. Moreover, this will aid in familiarizing yourself with the latest features without the worry of having your records and customization affected.

To know more about the Sandbox Preview instruction, please refer to this link:

Plan Accordingly

It is the time to determine how the end users would be trained regarding the newest features. You may also need to figure out which of the new features would give more benefits to your organization. You may also need to export your records in order to prevent potential record deletion upon rolling out the latest release. You could also consider reading the release notes at in order to prevent worries if ever you would see some changes on your Salesforce account.

Highlights of the Release

Here are some of the features that would be introduced on Salesforce's Spring 14 release:

1. Skills and Endorsements (Pilot) – Skills reference data (ProfileSkill) can now be added and associated with People (ProfileSkillUser). Chatter profile will display the skills profile of the user. These skills can also be "endorsed" by other users. Chatter and Setup Pages are the places where the skills can be managed.

2. Feed-Based Page Layouts – This feature would provide convenience and efficiency as it makes Case Feed available also for Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, and Custom Objects.

3. API Limit App Quotas (Pilot) - Standard, bulk, and streaming API consumption now have 24 hour API quotas for Connected Apps.

4. Canvas apps can now be placed into the Salesforce1 navigation menu.

5. Spring 14 also introduces a useful administrator feature that would let you view and manage user sessions.

6. Permission Sets can now be massively assigned.

7. Sharing Sets Enhancements (Pilots) - this would allow indirect lookups from one object to another. This would allow you to access second level of related records.

8. A New User Interface is also introduced to allow you to view and cancel running deployments.

The Future of Salesforce

As Salesforce continuously improve their features, it is no doubt that it would be the next leading CRM tool in the future. Managing your database would be easier as it adapts to the changes and releases. It is always best to be updated with the current trends in order for you to maximize your business and to closely interact with your employees, clients, and customers.

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