Is Your Organization Prepared for the New Year?

Few days from now, we will welcome the New Year with new hopes, new opportunities, and new milestones. It will also open another door for improvement and another chance to do the things that we should have done this year. 2013 has been tough and challenging for most of us; thus, it is imperative to prepare not only your business, but also yourself, for the new challenges that is waiting for the coming year. We all learned from our mistakes, and we wouldn’t want to commit the same in 2014. Since Salesforce is an innovative tool, it is expected that it will introduce and integrate new features and functionality for the coming year. We, at Salesforce Support, commonly receive cases regarding features that the users are not familiar with, or worse, features that could potentially impact their business performance.

Here are some of the tips on how to prepare your organization for the upcoming changes in the Salesforce environment for the year 2014:

Train Users

It is important to make sure that all of your users are familiar with the basic Salesforce functionality. They should know how to deal with common Salesforce issues, be familiarized with your business process, and are updated with the current Salesforce trends. If you haven’t done it this year, then it is important to make sure that a training, seminar, or webinar is conducted at least once every quarter to discuss the latest updates and releases.

Training your users effectively will prevent frequent contact with Support; and will help in increasing their productivity. Frequent interaction with your users will also increase collaboration that will let you hear their common concerns and issues. If all of your users are well-trained and prepared, then it will be easier to introduce new advanced features.

Manage Storage

As your business continuously grows every year, you might not notice your storage usage that could potentially impact your business. As a best practice, your records should always be backed up at least every 6 months, or for some, every year. Your records could be exported by the Data Export Service (Name | Setup | Data Management | Data Export |Export Now), and then deleted afterwards to allow space for new records.

Introduce New Marketing Strategies

In order to welcome new prospects for your business, it is important to always be innovative and creative in advertising your business. Salesforce can definitely help you with this! You can take advantage of Web -to-Lead feature to create online forms where your customers could easily reach you. You could also generate mail merge templates if you would like to deal with customers who have weekly or monthly email subscriptions.

With the integration of new features like Salesforce1, it would also be easier for your marketing team to get in touch with their customers. There are different ways on how to maximize Salesforce as a marketing tool and it would be important to consider this as you prepare your organization for the upcoming year.

Salesforce Releases

Salesforce will once again have its Summer, Spring, and Winter releases this coming year. The introduction of new features and updates are causing major issues for some users that is why it is important to be familiar and prepared with each release beforehand.

You may review the latest releases and features in this site

Utilized Resources

You should start subscribing to different Salesforce pages or blogs in order to get updates, releases, current trends, and best practices with the Salesforce CRM.

As what they always say, prevention is always better than cure. The secret to have a good business process is to efficiently forecast potential issues, challenges, and threats. This information could be used to improve the weaker side of your organization and turn it into something positive and productive.

2014 offers new hope for all of us. Let us all have a prosperous new year!