New Sales Cloud Features for Salesforce Spring 14

As a continuation in the previous post about Salesforce Spring 14, we will highlight the new sales cloud features that will surely help in improving the profit of the company. Spring 14 offers new and exciting Sales cloud features that will help you easily manage your users and leads. 1. With Salesforce Spring 14, you can now link your Leads, Accounts, and Contacts to their Twitter profiles using Salesforce1. This will give you the ability to have more information about your customers and prospects, and will enable you to easily contact them. Moreover, Spring 14 can now give you the ability to call, log calls, and send emails to your Leads.

2. Multi-monitor components allow you to drag any portion of a console, and move it to any location. This allows multi-view of a user's interface, which allows you to easily edit a user's information.

3. Salesforce Spring 14 also gives you task flexibility as it offers repeating tasks feature. Once a task is completed or marked, it will recur depending on the number of days specified.

4. Salesforce for Outlook side panel can now give you the ability to create cases.

5. New custom object has been introduced, which is Orders. The object can be either added to a Contract or an Account. With this custom object, you can now process order management in Salesforce.

6. The forecasting feature has also been improved as it enables you to view up to four types of forecasts; namely, Opportunity splits based on revenue, Opportunities based on revenue, quantity, or both, and Product families based on revenue, quantity, or both.