Minimize Clicks with Publisher Actions in Salesforce1

Publisher Actions - OverviewSalesforce1 is the new feature introduced by Salesforce during the last DreamForce. It is an advanced mobile application that will particularly benefit developers who would like to integrate Visualforce onto their end-users' mobile dashboard.

It comes with enticing new features; improved interface, layout, and graphics. One of the highlights of Salesforce1 application is the Publisher Action, which is designed to have a one-click interface that easily allows users to create and update records.

Using the Feature

Publisher Actions
Publisher Actions

By just clicking on the  icon on the lower right side of the screen, the Publisher Action interface will be shown to let you update your Chatter posts, create new records, new tasks, share a link, or even create a poll in just one interface; thus, minimizing clicks.

publisher interface
publisher interface

Publisher Action is available on both Standard and Custom Objects where the Chatter feed is enabled. To verify if Chatter feed is enabled on your objects: Name | Setup | Customize | Chatter | Feed Tracking | Navigate on Each Object to ensure that "Enable Feed Tracking" is checked | Save.

Enabling Publisher Action

The feature is enabled by default in Salesforce1. However, the feature will not work if Chatter feature is disabled under Name | Setup | Customize | Chatter | Settings.


As Salesforce continues to improve Salesforce1 features, the integration of Publisher Action is a huge milestone in maximizing the use of mobile and smart phones for your business.  The feature is ideal to every organization as it will increase productivity by minimizing clicks and navigation.

Visualforce page could also be integrated in order to customize how you want your Publisher Action to work.

To know more about Salesforce1's features, you may watch the Salesforce1 demo on