Local Name Fields - What Are They?

“Local Name field” is one of the least commonly used functionality in Salesforce. Some of the users might not be aware of it and its functionality. Although it is not commonly used, it could be considered in your organization for efficiency purposes. Here are some of the advantages of the feature:

  1. Local Name fields are additional standard fields that allow a translated version of text fields to be manually defined. These fields will remain unchanged even after changing your language. For example, when you changed your organization’s language from English to Spanish, these fields will remain in English.
  2. It helps in categorizing records in order to properly pull them up either via Search or Report. These fields could be used to filter the records for reporting purposes.
  3. It allows records to have two names. For example: Record A has local name field value of Record B. Whether you search for Record A or Record B, it will still pull up the same record.

Local Name fields are only available under Accounts, Contacts, and Leads; specifically, Account Name, Contact First Name, Contact Last Name, Lead Company Name, Lead First Name, and Lead Last Name.

These fields need to be enabled by Support. If you’re interested in maximizing the feature, then feel free to get in touch with Salesforce.com Support. Once the feature is enabled, these fields are not visible by default, and needs to be manually added to the Page Layout and be visible by Field Level Security.

If you have further questions on how to maximize Local Name fields for your organization, feel free to contact us at info@cloudjedi.com.