How to Enter Quotas in Salesforce?

forecast quota is the sales goal assigned to a user on a monthly or quarterly basis. Most of the common issues being received by Salesforce support is how to enter quotas in Salesforce CRM. Inputting quotas is sometimes confusing because it depends on the type of Forecasting that you are using. Collaborative Forecasting or F3 is the current recommended platform of for forecasting. It provides different features and functionality that are not present with Customizable Forecasting. Here are the features that Collaborative Forecasting offers:

> Custom Fiscal Year

>Opportunity - Level Adjustments

>Snapshots and Forecast History

>Territory Management

>Forecasting on Opportunity Splits

>Rename forecast categories

>Expandable Forecast Tables

In terms of how to enter quotas in Salesforce, there is also a big difference between using Customizable and Collaborative Forecasting.

If you are using Customizable Forecasting, then the Quotas can be manually inputted via User Detail page. Once the forecasting and quota are enabled, a "Quota" related list will appear in the User Detail page.

On the other hand, Collaborative Forecasting requires Data Loader to input the Quotas into the system. An excel file needs to be created every time quotas need to be inputted.

Although Customizable forecasting provides easy input of Quotas, you can should also consider the other features being offered by Collaborative Forecasting. To know more about the best type of Forecasting to be used for your organization, you may contact us at for assistance.