Although the standard Salesforce features are helpful and efficient, it is sometimes required for you to create custom Apex codes in order to improve system performance and triggers that are currently not possible with your standard Salesforce functionality. In order to avoid  apex code error messages that could potentially impact your business, it is pertinent for you to be familiarized with these common errors and get to know how to resolve them. REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED

This is one of the most common Apex code error messages, and it often appears when your API call limit for your organization has been already exceeded due to huge number of integration with third party applications.

When integrating with third party applications, it is important to consider how would these applications affect your API call limit. It is important to plan and evaluate how these applications would be used in order to prevent the limit from being exceeded.

The best way to monitor API usage is either to run an API usage report or monitor your limit under Setup | Administration Setup | Company Profile | Company Information.


Validation Rules are helpful, but could also be painful, if not correctly used or deployed. In order to avoid this error, Validation Rule should be created based on your business needs, and make sure that it would not conflict with other triggers or rules. Rules should also be assessed periodically to make sure that they are still needed in the organization, if these rules are deemed unnecessary for the org, then the rules could be modified or deleted already.

One of the best ways to deal with this error is to make the class calls a DML operation, specially when deploying a batch class. The opt_allOrNone shouls also be set to False. This workaround would allow saving of the record even though it fails to meet the Validation Rule/s.


This error usually occurs when the length of the entered text is longer than the field length limit. The field length can be modified by going to Name | Setup | Customize | Object Name | Field | Click Edit on the field being modified | Change the length | Save.


Improving your Apex codes and modifying your current customization are necessary to properly deploy Apex codes and avoid encountering errors. If you would like to know more about custom Apex code creation and integration, you may contact us for assistance at