Salesforce "activatable" features via Customer Support

Here are some of the features that Salesforce can activate by requesting it via Customer Support: General Salesforce Features

  • Enable Person Account
  • Translation Workbench

For more information on the documented features you may click here.

Here are some of the undocumented features that you can request via customer support:

  • The ability to ‘DOT’ an Org i.e. copy data + metadata
  • Allow access to the Data Loader in Professional Edition Orgs
  • Disable Auto Number increasing in test classes
  • Increase the standard daily email limit temporarily (up to two weeks)
  • Disable security tokens
  • Increase the number of rollup summary fields on objects to 25
  • Increase the limit in the number of daily submissions for the Web-to-lead functionality
  • Increase the limit on the number of External Id/Unique fields for upserts
  • Increase the amount of Apex code storage over the 2MB limit
  • Increase the number of maximum fields to track for Field History to 30
  • Remove the Salesforce generated footer when exporting data using the Standard Reports

For data migration purposes:

  • Enable API for Professional Edition Organizations for free for a limited time
  • Allow edits on the Last Modified and Created By fields

Please do comment below so that I could add them into the list.